About Us


What Does DealBlip Do?

DealBlip takes the hassle and headache out of selling your items. With DealBlip you can: recoup funds on unused purchases, downsize your home/closet, sell gifts you’ve received, or simply make a few extra bucks! DealBlip does all the work for you! Read more about out process here on our WordBlip blog: Click HERE

Why DealBlip?

  • DealBlip offers their services on a wide range of items such as handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, technology, accessories and children’s clothing/toys.
  • We do our absolute best to get you top dollar for your items while remaining competitively priced.
  • We will store your items in a clean, smoke and pet free environment while assessing your items’ market and resale value through extensive research.
  • Take high quality photos and transfer them to an online listing using eBay, Etsy or Poshmark.
  • Create a detailed description of the items’ current condition, as well as include any pertinent information from original marketing.
  • Add all listing information to a custom template, designed for PC/MAC & smartphone viewing platforms.
  • Answer all buyer inquiries including purchase offers, and provide general customer service in real time.
  • Take your items to USPS or FedEx for shipment within 1 business day and provide a tracking number to the buyer.
  • Handle any returns or refunds that may occur, in which case the item will be re-listed.
  • Provide detailed monthly statements of any and all activity on your items, along with your check.
  • DealBlip has a strong reputation:
    • 12 year history on eBay and 100% positive customer rating.
    • 3 year history on Poshmark as a Top Rated Seller and a 5 star customer rating.
  • We offer low shipping on eBay and a 1 business day handling time on all sites to ensure maximum exposure of your item.
  • DealBlip, Inc. is a registered business in NY State.

Where will DealBlip sell my item?

Most (if not all) of the items will be sold using eBay. The reasons for this are: maximum exposure and low fees. However, the market will dictate the proper site for your item. For example: Handmade items may go overlooked on eBay, but result in high traffic on Etsy. For this reason Etsy, Amazon and Poshmark may also be used.

What if the buyer wants a return or refund from DealBlip?

DealBlip offers a 30 day return policy on all items. We do our absolute best to accurately describe all items to avoid the possibility of returns. However, in the event of a return you never have to worry about a thing! Once your item has sold and your funds have been transferred, DealBlip assumes all responsibility of that item going forward. This means if the item is returned to DealBlip the ownership and responsibility of that item gets transfers to us.

How do I get my payment from DealBlip?

You will receive your payment check in the mail within the first week of every month along with a statement from DealBlip on all items sold. If for whatever reason you do not prefer receiving a check, we are happy to submit your payment through P2P Apps such as Chase Quick Pay or Venmo. All eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, USPS and FedEx shipping fees are the responsibility of DealBlip and included in our fee!

What could I do to help get top dollar for my items sold with DealBlip?

The condition of the item will greatly impact the resale value. However, little things like attached tags, original dust bags, original boxes, original manuals, original packing material, even original tissue paper can dramatically affect the resale value. The closest you can get your item to the way it looked when you first brought it home, the better. The rest is completely up to us! We will provide all the other presentation materials along with a thank you note to our buyers.

I’m curious, where can I see my DealBlip listings?

Separation anxiety is normal! You can see your babies on: